For quite a while now the club web site has been very difficult to manage due to the withdrawal of the iWeb software which was used to build it. Updates to the code have had to be made manually for the last few years, which is both a credit to my predecessors and the reason for the scarcity of updates.

The web site needed rebuilding in a way that makes it manageable and useable from any device. I’m glad to say that the rebuild is nearing completion, and

That’s where you come in!

There are 2 areas where I’d like to request your help:

  1. The “Member’s Cars” section needs updating: –

    • If your car was featured on the old site do you still want it to appear on the new one? If so do you want to update the text accompanying your photos or change / add photos?

    • Would you like your car included in the section? If so please send me:

      1. Up to 5 digital photo(s) of your car(s), any size will do.

      2. Basic information on the car(s) – Example below:
        Owner: Fred
        Model: Lotus Elan Plus2 S/130
        Year: 1973
        Colour: French Blue
        Interior: Oatmeal
        Owned Since: July 1973
        Purchased from: Lotus Cars
        Other Cars: Triumph TR8
        Previous Lotus’: S1 Elise, M100 Elan

      3. Optionally a short description of the car(s) and your ownership of it(them).

  1. The “Past Events” section also needs updating: –

    The old Past Events page holds nothing newer than 2014. Some photos from 2015 were found which were included in the new web site, but there’s nothing after that.

    If you have photos from events you’d like to see included could you begin to gather them please, along with information about when and where they were taken. In the meantime I’ll investigate the best way to transfer and collate them to be loaded onto the web site.

Ron R